The Psychology of Social Media: A Structured Approach to Social Media Marketing in 2016


If you’re a business trying to navigate the murky waters of your favourite social media watering hole you will know that what worked well yesterday is not necessarily an indication of what will work today. Why? Because the social media landscape changes faster than you can swipe left on Tinder Friday night after 3am…

A little algorithm update from your favourite social media network and you feel like you have to go back to the drawing board with your strategy. Well it doesn’t have to be that way.

Fortunately I’m here to tell you that in following this one key principle, even when the goal posts move, the game doesn’t change.

It does of course pay to stay abreast of the latest social media updates so you can make the most of new functionality that comes onto the scene.

As a general rule though, as long as you’re creating content that is unique to each social media channel and you’re speaking in a language that resonates with the tribe on that platform, you’re setting yourself up for social media marketing success.

So to give you the tools you need to cut through with your content marketing and develop messages that truly resonate with your audiences on each platform it is vital to understand how people use each platform and what makes each of the channels different.

There are of course some elements that vary from industry to industry but generally speaking, there are some key things that differentiate one platform from another.

To get the most out of your social media community, the key is to understand these key differentiators and to let them guide the development of your content strategy.

I find it is easiest to think about market segments in “persona” form. I get to know the names of the fictional characters I create which helps me to always stay clear on who I am targeting: “OK this post is for Penny. What would Penny think of this post? What problems is Penny facing that we can solve? How am I expecting her to engage with it?”. These are some of the questions I will ask myself while developing a content strategy for my clients.

For this entire article: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kate-cook/the-psychology-of-social-_1_b_9295942.html


ANd for more SEO education: https://ananthv9.wordpress.com/2016/01/20/learn-social-media-marketing-facebook-ads-gamification-for-brand-roi/


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